Our Story

I remember looking down at my babies' faces in the middle of the night during those late night feedings and diaper changes. I would see their first moms' faces in my mind and start wondering where she was and if she was OK. Does she know how much we care for her? I would get all these ideas about how we could reach out and send something to the agency somehow. Then daylight would come and the craziness of momlife or the sleep deprivation would take all my good intentions away. Days would turn into months, then years, and nothing would change.


Being a mom is great, but also hard and busy. And, I was never the best about keeping up on keeping in touch. I wish there had been someone that could have helped me back then! 


I know there are adoptive moms out there, just like me, needing help to stay connected. I know there are birthmoms out there not knowing how much they really are thought of and cherished. I know there are kids out there unsure how to connect to someone that's so close and so far at the same time.


Adoption is both beautiful and messy. My desire is that through this project we can change the narrative of adoption and build those bridges that are so valuable to all of us in the adoption family! Our True Gift is about the special bond that brings us all together - the love for our child. 


Blessings on your journey,
Anginette McOmber
Owner/Founder, Our True Gift, LLC

McOmber Family Photo